KICKICO : Next Generation crowdfunding platform based on smart contract

Concept of crowdfunding started when kickstarter and indiegogo were established between 2008 and 2009. Thousands of projects started with crowdfunding and now are one of biggest company giant, many entrepreneurs   consider crowdfunding an easy way to collect initial seed amount to start a business without convincing any venture capitalist (VC) investors.

There are four technical problems associated with these traditional crowdfunding platforms;

  1. They don’t support projects located in a country where they don’t have their offices/agents.
  2. They charges more than 15 to 20% fees on successful crowdfunding also there are heavy fees associated with payment methods supported by them during deposits and withdrawals from the platform.
  3. Traditional crowdfunding platforms are only for big companies and projects with very big marketing budgets and not about promoting projects with bright ideas.
  4. Investors have lost millions of dollar by investing through those platforms as most of the projects they have funded through these platforms have failed to deliver what they have promised.

To solve all these problems KICKICO is here which is based on blockchain technology, decentralization, cryptocurrency and smart-contract.

Key features of KICKICO ;

  1. 20+ ICO expert will provide full technical solutions you need to start a successful crowdfunding including smart-contracts, marketing outreach, and also advisory and management expertise.
  2. Experts in different fields will analyse every project before listing them in KICKICO platform and make it available for investors to invest into it.
  3. KICKICO provides complete transparency of their operation.

What is KICKCOIN ?

KICKCOIN is digital currency within KICKICO platform and  are backed by other currencies, as well as by campaigns successfully completed on the platform because they are only generated by the smart contract automatically when backers support campaigns that are launched on the platform. These KICKCOIN will be used by project authors to pay for the launch of their crowd funding projects, to purchase services for crowd funding projects, and for other internal processes and payments within the infrastructure of the KICKICO and KICKONOMY.

There is one exception, a total of 800 million KickCoins have been generated, including 30 million to conduct preICO, and 600 million to conduct ICO. Another 100 million have been generated and shared between the founders of KICKICO, and the rest have been generated for advisory, lottery, bounty, seed backers and PR pools. KickCoins are not mined by users or any other companies.

KICKICO have already successfully completed their pre-ICO stage and now conducting ICO where you can also get some of those KICKCOIN. It will end either when the hard cap of 100 000 Ethereum is raised or on September, 16.

The price is set at the rate 1 Ethereum = 3 000 KickCoins.
It is possible to take part in ICO with both Ethereums and Bitcoins.

Funds collected through this ICO will be spent for different purposes. For example 43% will be spent in marketing/PR and 20% in infrastructure and community development. There are many other costs associated like legal paperwork, operational expense, loans taken during infrastructure development etc and all this will be covered by remaining funds.

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