Target Coin (TGT) – ICO update

We have already covered target coin in our last article here

This ICO can be considered as another successful projects we have covered as they have already sold more than 400 million tokens through their crowdfunding and still few days left till their ICO will end.

There is no doubt that this token will be listed in few good altcoin trading platform just after completion of ICO because ICO shows there is interest over this token and we are quite sure that this token will attract lots more trading volume when it will be listed.

Don’t forget that Target coin have team of long term traders and hedge fund managers who will efficiently handle all the investment and generated risk adjusted profit for all the investors on every price fall and rise. So that all investors of Target coin can enjoy passive quarterly payments from all the profits Target coin’s team will generate over the period. Target coin will share 80% of total profit will all TGT token holders in transparent manner.

You can read more about how they gonna distribute quarterly dividends here in their whitepaper HERE

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ETH address : 0x202d96a62dff341c24ffcb20e5ccbc7661daa28b

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