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We all know the recent boom in cryptocurrency trading and many new traders are trying to be the early investors in different crypto projects. But almost all of them are actually losing so much because they are unaware of risk involved with crypto trading.

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Target Coin is now here to lower those risk with the help of deep technical analysis of market, sophisticated trading tools and strategy for you. Professional money management, fundamental analysis of every crypto on the market and analysis of historical price patterns are quite mandatory in crypto trading and TGTcoin team will handle all this to make your investment grow with less risk of loss.

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TGTcoin team will analyse news, reports, opinions, market data accross the crytpo space to find risk free opportunity to make profit. On top of that, they are also building in-house intelligent system for investors where they can get real time data, intelligent briefing, trade signals and research articles. Investors can also back test different trading strategies using virtual currency before using it for real trading.

TGTcoin will remain as closed end fund which mean they will not collect any more funds after the end of ICO which will start from 15th july 2017 to 31st august of 2017. All the funds collected during this crowdfunding will be used to cover operational cost and to buy different others token to build strong portfolio, to be exact around 90% of the funds collected will be used to make portfolio.

Source : TGTcoin Whitepaper

In total 2 billions TGTcoins will be created out of which 13% (260 million) of this token will be held by management team and another 20% (400 million) was sold to pre-ICO investors. The remaining 1.34 billion tokens will be available for more than a month long ICO investors. Price per TGTcoin will be 0.000133 ETH, this mean you will get 7,500 TGTcoin for 1 ETH.

All TGTcoin investors will enjoy 85% profit made by TGTcoin team on quarterly basis. 15% of the remaining profit will be used as operational cost. TGTcoin will buy back coins from the market with the profit they will make out of their operation to ensure that price of TGTcoin will keep increasing because of limited supply and all investors can get profit out of holding their coins. A bonus of 0.75% will be added to every token holders on quarterly basis apart from the profit sharing. TGTcoin will start their operation/trading from early September this year and dates of profit distribution are as follows ;

First      : 9th December 2017

Second : 9th March, 2018

Third    : 9th June, 2018

Fourth : 9th September, 2018

Targetcoin have came up with completely new approach on raising capital, managing funds and auditing through a transparent and innovative process (smart contract). All transactions will be registered with timestamp to show during audit so that all profits are recorded and distributed properly.

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