Primalbase – Shared Workspace for Tech Community

Primalbase is converting traditional office renting service into digitized shared workspace where anyone can sell, buy or rent office spaces with tokens created with ETH and WAVES. Primalbase tokens have intrinsic value because they are backed by real office spaces.

Real estate is untouched market for cryptocurrency and primalbase is targeting this market that holds lots of future potential. Specially small corporations or start-ups can’t pay large sum of money to set all infrastructure they require so they are shifting towards co-working concept. Interesting survey on 2017 shown that number of co-working projects have been doubled in last few years and primalbase can be one of the hub for office renting with global reach.

However all these co-working projects still missing digitization so main goal of primalbase is to provide all-inclusive shared workspaces located in the world’s leading tech hubs. There are two phase of development, first include establishment of five work spaces at 5 major world cities in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York and Singapore.

Primalbase tokens (PBT) are tradable so that users can enjoy great profit just after the launch of the PBT in trading platforms. All the operating cost will be paid from fees they will have on renting out of office spaces. Primalbase already have one working office available for rent in Amsterdam and they are looking for expansion in multiple locations around the world, for which they need large number of bitcoins so they  have started crowdfunding on which they will sell out PBT tokens.  These tokens holds lots of features like ;

  1. They are tradable.
  2. Investors will have full access to all primalbase based infrastructures
  3. One investor can hold multiple amount of PBT tokens
  4. Crowdfunding participants can participate in future development of the platform.
  5. They are divisible and smallest fraction is 0.0001 PBT

Total number of PBT tokens that will be created during crowdfunding is limited to 1000 and price per token will be different for different dates. On first day of ICO PBT tokens will be sold at 3 BTC per PBT and price will increase to 4 BTC from second day and will ultimately reach 5 BTC after 7 days. So be an early bird to enjoy upto 40% discount.

Start investing in Primalbase :

You can use both crypto and fiat to invest in PBT and all the funds collected during this ICO will be securely stored in multisignature wallet which will be monitored by three members of the Advisory team. ICO will end when all 1000 tokens will be sold out or it will run for 30 days, funds collected during this ICO will be used in following manner.

PBT tokens are transferable because they are waves based tokens so that investors can sell their tokens whenever they want but they will loss access to primalbase renting feature.

Primalbase major priority is to establish multiple office units in core locations or business hub around the world with very attractive and luxurious infrastructure that includes bar, restaurant, event spaces etc and will share profit made from all this units among all PBT token holders.

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ETH address : 0x202d96a62dff341c24ffcb20e5ccbc7661daa28b

Contact CryptoNepal.Com at bitcointalk :;u=977316

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