iDice – The World’s First Mobile Blockchain Gambling App

Many bitcoin based dice sites are out there that ask for registration and deposits, this is quite lengthy process as well as quite insecure because you have to trust those platform with your deposits.

iDice on other hand is a gambling dapp (Decentralized application) built on powerful Ethereum platform. Being a Dapp allows iDice to have lots of unique features  such as ;

  1. No Registration required
  2. No need to make Deposits
  3. Probably fair system because you can check and verify iDice smart contract on
  4. Instant result and payments via smart contract
  5. Investors can hold iDice tokens to get 100% of  profit made by the platform.

iDice don’t use any third-party software or script to execute dice rolls instead of that they use open source blockchain-based to get random integer from  via TLSNotary. iDice smart contract encrypt that random integer and the IPFS address of the TLSNotary proof to compute the game result. This is the most fair way to roll new random numbers without third party interference on the game’s final result.

Online gambling is really a huge business with over $47 billion USD annual transactions and bitcoin is still dominating this market however Ethereum have lots of potential because it is programmable. ETH smart contracts can be used to develop a completely decentralized blockchain based fairest casino and blockchain based gambling is in trend this days. Along with this, number of mobile internet users have grown exponentially worldwide. As iDice is both blockchain based and mobile friendly dice site built on top of ethereum smart contract it can easily attract lots of players in future.

Right now iDice have working gambling platfom which have already served thousands of bets. There are also few competitors out there which are also based on ethereum Dapps but iDice is focusing more on mobile friendly platform to build its own niche market. There is almost zero gambling apps out there and iDice’s first priority will be a mobile app for both android and IOS systems which will be first of its kind in online gambling market.

iDice revolutionary platform is open source so that anybody can verify contract codes and anybody can develop there own gambling dapps with idice brand. As there won’t be any involvement of third party services, these dapps can run itself without any manual verification or system check.

To collect development fund iDice team is currently running an ICO where they will distribute 5,000,000 iDice tokens (ICE) starting from June 12 to June 26. Early investors will enjoy some discount so price of these tokens is different depending upon when you invest into it.

iDice Power Hour (1st hour of launch): 200:1 ETH

First 7 days: 170:1 ETH

Last 7 days: :130:1 ETH

These ICE tokens are ethereum based tokens so you don’t have to wait to get these tokens, you will get them in your ethereum address as soon as you invest some ETH. These investors will enjoy two types of profit;

  1. iDice have 1% house edge which ensures site will be in profit in long run, 100% of site’s profit will go into investor pool.
  2. ICE tokens will be listed just after the ICO so they can trade them easily if you would like to exchange your tokens for BTC or ETH anytime they want.

Invest now and get some ICO tokens :

Funds collected over this crowdfunding campaign will be used for development of iDice platform which already exist and working perfectly. 35% of these funds will act as bankroll for while 30% will be used for constant development and expansion of iDice by developer team. Remaining 20% will be used to develop mobile app for both android and IOS devices and 15% will work as funds for promotion and advertising.

Be in touch with iDice team :

Website :

ICO page :

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ETH address : 0x202d96a62dff341c24ffcb20e5ccbc7661daa28b

Contact CryptoNepal.Com at bitcointalk :;u=977316




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