SONM – secure and cost-effective fog supercomputer (ICO Update)

SONM is a decentralized supercomputer which can provide cost efficient and effective hosting solution for general hosting and scientific calculations. You can even host your game servers in this powerful supercomputer which doesn’t have any authority in middle, miners (the one who will host content) and Buyers (who like to purchase computing power) will deal in Peer 2 Peer environment with their own agreement.

SONM team has updated the price per token and total number of tokens that will be sold during ICO because of massive pump in Ethereum price.  New price will be 2824 SNM for 1 ETH, so SNM tokens will cost less and the cap will be halved. Although this has lowered the total number of funds gathered during ICO to 136 699 ETH.

How to participate in this ongoing SONM ICO ?

You can use any of the major altcoin like ethereum, ethereum classic, dash, bitcoin and whatever alts that shapeshift supports to buy these tokens.

  1. Just visit :
  2.  Click on the coin with which you want to pay.
  3. Accept terms and condition and click next.
  4. You should enter your Ethereum address where SONM tokens will be sent after you purchase.
NOTE : Do not deposit Ethereum to the ICO using the cryptocurrency exchange account!!! You don't own your cryptoexchange ETH address private key, so will not be able to access your SNM tokens!

Now, click on show deposit address to send your coins, after your deposit transaction get few confirmation you will get your SONM tokens in your ethereum address.

You can also check status of your purchase afterwards by entering your ETH address which you have placed when making deposit to receive SONM tokens from the same ICO page.

Out of 331.360.000 SNM, 167,480,959.67 SNM tokens where already sold so you should hurry up to grab your tokens.

Check ICO page :

Website :



ETH address : 0x202d96a62dff341c24ffcb20e5ccbc7661daa28b

Contact CryptoNepal.Com at bitcointalk :;u=977316

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