Monaco VISA® – Your Universal Money App

  • No worries about BTC/ETH exchange rates again.
  • No more worries about paying High fees when using your cryptocurrency card.
  • No worries about losing your control over your cryptocurrency.

With Monaco VISA® card you can spend BTC and ETH wherever VISA® cards are accepted, both online & offline. All currency exchange within Monaco app will be done at perfect interbank exchange rates without markups and fees. You can send money in 23 currencies to 120 countries worldwide for free and those money will be instantly available on recipient’s Monaco VISA® Card.

Getting Monaco VISA® Debit Card is Easy :

To receive Monaca card you have to download Monaco Android/IOS app and complete 3 minute long onboarding process, including remote KYC. Cards will be issued free of charge to all customers and this physical card can be used both for online and offline purchases at more than 30 million merchants who accept VISA® globally.

You can save upto EUR 40 on every EUR 500 spent compared to other cryptocurrency debit cards because Monaco give perfect interbank exchange rates without any additional price margins and fees.

Bitcoin and Ethereum will be available to fund your card and in future other ERC20 tokens will be added. You can get upto 10% cashback instantly when using your Monaco Card at participating merchants.

Monaco VISA Debit card is absolutely the most cost-efficient way to spend ETH and BTC in the world, avoiding all the bank fees!

What is MCO token ?

MCO tokens are ethereum smart contract based tokens and MCO token holders can own part of the company. Fees collected on each and every transaction within Monaco app will be sent to MCO Asset contract. At any time MCO token holders can redeem their MCO tokens for ETH. The amount they can get in ETH may differ according to total ETH held in MCO asset contract. For example;

An MCO holder has 500MCO, the current MCO supply is 10,000MCO. The MCO Asset Contract holds 1,000ETH. And if he/she wants to burn his 500 MCO, he/she will receive;

(500/10,000) x 1,000 ETH  = 50 ETH

How to buy this token ?

Maximum 17.6 million token will be created during ICO that will start from May 18 and price per token will rise with respect to ETH collected over time, this ICO will last for 30 days or till Hard cap is reached. Soft cap for this ICO is 150,000 ETH and when this cap is reached ICO will end after 7 days. The MCO smart contract will stop accepting new investments after it collects 888,888 ETH. ICO will end instantly.

All the ETH collected during this crowdsale will be used for both development and advertisement.

  • 35% – R&D and Product Development
  • 20% – Marketing and Customer Acquisition
  • 15% – Initial Capex, including costs of e-Money licenses, compliance and architecture setup
  • 30% – Working Capital

Additional MCO tokens will be created for the capital reserve, founders, advisors and early investors. 25% of total tokens created during token creation event will be allocated for founders but will remain locked for 3 months in smart contract. 10% of token will be locked for 12 months and will be used to hire talented gigs in the team for future development. 5% of MCO tokens will be given to advisors which will also be locked for 3 months.  30% of total MCO supply might be reserved but not issued or never be used in future which depends upon company circumstances.

After the Token Creation event ends, the following additional MCO are created:

• 1,000,000 MCO for the Reserve

• 833,333 MCO for the Founders

• 333,333 MCO for the Talent Pool (future hires)

• 166,667 MCO for the Advisors

In total, 3,333,333 MCO are created of which 1,000,000 MCO are transferable upon the completion of the Token Creation Event.

Escrows will be used to build trust among investors.

  • Kris Marszalek – Founder @ Foris
  • Mikko Ohtamaa – CTO @ TokenMarket
  • Timothy Hitchens – Head of Solution Architects, Worldwide Public Sector – APJ at Amazon Web Services

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