Rollin – Well designed and Trusted Bitcoin Dice

Are you looking for trusted bitcoin dice site to make good profit ? If yes than can be good option for you. is in business for years with good reputation. We have tried to give you step by step guide on how to play there in this article.

Step 1 : Visit than just enter your desired username and click Get Started!

Step 2 : Now you can deposit any amount of bitcoin you like to play with. To generate deposit address you have to click on Deposit Bitcoin button at top of the site. However you have to add password and email before you can generate any deposit address. This is to make sure that you will have access to your account in future too. To add your email and password click on Account > Profile

Step 3 : You have to wait for One confirmation after you send bitcoin to your deposit address before playing with it. Now to place bet just put how much you want to bet in terms of mBTC. You can also put your custom number on prediction field for example if you want to predict that the outcome will be less than 50 than you have to insert 50 in prediction filed and click Roll Low (lower than 50) button. You can see chance for your desired roll to come in top of High or Low button. They also have auto betting features where you can sit back while your bet will keep on rolling. You can set custom rules by clicking on Robot button and you can relax while making profit with autobet.

Step 4 : Have you made good profit by playing for few rounds in rollin? Do you want to withdraw them out than just click on Withdraw button you have on top of the site. Now you have to enter your desired amount of mBTC and your personal bitcoin address where you like to receive those bitcoins. You can also choose custom transaction fee, put higher amount to get faster confirmation on your withdrawals (bitcoin network confirmation).

There are many other features like you can claim free bitcoin and you can make new friends through chatbox they have. They also have good affiliate program which shares 15% of their house edge with you. So you can either play their with your own bitcoin to make good profit or you can refer others to play in rollin and get nice affiliate commission.

Wish you a happy betting….

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