OneGram – Cryptocurrency backed by Real Gold

Bitcoin was first developed by pseudonomous developer satoshi nakamoto and many have followed his path and comes up with their own version of crypto currency. But none of them have considered muslim society and due to many legal restrictions a muslim community that counts for 23% of world population can’t use cryptocurrencies.

Onegram aimed to solve this issue by distributing coin that is backed by one gram of real gold during launch. Fees generated during each transaction of this gold will be reinvested in gold to increase gold reserves backing this coins, so that gm of gold per coin will keep on increasing.

What is Sharia and Gold investments ?

Sharia, a bundle of religious law derived from  the Quran and Hadith. It covers financial principle, domestic, legal and economic affairs of muslims.

Gold investments have problematic history under Sharia law. For example, trading gold future contracts are forbidden by this law because they are not backed up by real gold. So for people who want to invest in gold have to buy physical gold bars or Jewelry.

However, onegram is backed by real gold so it complies with Sharia Gold standard. Therefore, you can feel secure to invest in onegram.

How you will earn with Onegram ?

Initially one onegram coin will be backed by one gram of pure gold. Every transaction in onegram coin will have 1% transaction fee (max 1 OGC). 70% of this fee will be reallocate to increase total gold reserves and remaining 30% will be used for future developments and advertisements. As total number of OGC will be constant, increasing gold reserves will increase gram of gold backing each OGC. In this way investors can get double profit, one from direct increase in gram of gold backing each OGC they hold and another from constant increase in gold price.

Technical details of OGC :

OnegramCoin is a unique POS (proof of stake) based coin developed from experts and tested for months. OGC aim to provide instant transaction with average 1 minute block of 1mb size. OGC blockchain will be secured by trusted network of nodes and as incentive 2.5% of transaction fee will be rewarded to them. This insures OGC network will run smoothly in secure environment for 24 hour, 7 days and 365 days.

Buying and Redeeming OGC is easy :

You have to go through long process and requirements to buy usual cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or ethereum. But you can easily buy or sell your OGC with GoldGuard. GoldGuard is in business since 1996 and are licensed with Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ) to trade gold jewelry.

All accounts at GoldGuard are asset-backed, audited by PwC, and insured against theft and damage.

How you can get some OGC during ICO ?

Total number of OneGramCoin is 12,400,786 and ICO will run for maximum of 120 days or till all this OGC will sold out. ICO for OGC will be handled by GoldGuard so to invest into OGC, you have to create account on GoldGuard than you have to purchase some gold using any of the payment methods they support. Now you can easily covert them to OGC, you will get one OGC for one gram of gold but purchasing this coin will also have 10% fee which will be used to cover marketing and operational cost.

After ICO you can redeem one OGC to gold or equivalent fiat from same GoldGuard website. Also you can trade this coin in any of the exchanges that will list OGC after ICO.

Team behind OneGram :

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