SONM – Decentralized Supercomputer For General Hosting and Scientific Calculations

Have you ever bought Hosting packages for your site or Virtual private servers? From where you bought them? I am quite sure almost all of them have charged you in the beginning of period even for the time when you haven’t used them.

We now have solution to all this centralized hosting/cloud computing service providers which have many hidden terms and poor performance.

SONM is a decentralized supercomputer which can provide cost efficient and effective hosting solution for general hosting and scientific calculations. You can even host your game servers in this powerful supercomputer which doesn’t have any authority in middle, miners (the one who will host content) and Buyers (who like to purchase computing power) will deal in Peer 2 Peer environment with their own agreement.

How SONM supercomputer is different than other cloud service providers ?

  • Cloud services like Amazon, Microsoft, Google cloud etc have cloud structure while SONM has a hybrid architecture (Fog computing) and therefore supports any kind of computational tasks.
  • There is no more need to pay in advance for private and monopolized cloud computing, with SONM you only have to pay when you use.
  • SONM is a top layer of underlying P2P technologies – BitTorrent for data transfer, Cocaine open source PaaS technology as a decentralized computing platform, Ethereum Smart Contracts as a PoE (Proof of Execution) and consensus system, BitMessage for nodes communication, etc.

You can find more about how SONM computing actually works here in their whitepaper

How SONM decentralized supercomputer network looks like ?

SONM also gives opportunity to solo miners. These days solo mining cryptocurrency with GPU has become almost impossible and the only option for solo miners is to join pool mining and to get small percentage of mining reward. Even though this reward in some cases can’t even cover the expenses of power consumed during mining.

With SONM every one can earn profits even the one who have only smartphones can get some share. Each miner is suggested most profitable applications and tasks for his hardware. CPU, GPU, ASIC, even gaming consoles and smartphones can be used for SONM fog computing. All you need is to set up a mining client application and run it.

Who will buy this SONM super-computing powers ?

Other than people who would like to host their contents in decentralized environment, people from different field who want to run essential scientific calculations will buy this powers. Some of the targeted fields are :

  1. Social Statistics
  2. Climate predictions
  3. Bioinformatics
  4. Drug development
  5. Modeling
  6. Aerodynamic Calculations
  7. Meteors Trajectory Modeling

A figure below shows how agreement is created between miners and buyers without any central authority :

SONM – Token and Upcoming ICO

SONM token (ticker SNM) are the integral part of SONM structure and this tokens will be used as payment method within the contracts between buyer and miners. This tokens will be created during crowdfunding phase, which will be in limited number and you have to buy them during crowdfunding period.

SONM project crowdfunding (ICO) and SNM token creation will take place using Ethereum smart contracts. Participants willing to support SONM project development will send ether to a specified ICO ethereum address, creating SNM tokens by this transaction at the specified SNM/ETH exchange rate.

ICO will run in two phases :

  1. Pre-ICO (which have already ended after reaching maximum cap within 24 hours)
  2. Main ICO ( Start on May 25)

To know more about SONM project visit links below :

Website :




Bitcointalk :






ETH address : 0x202d96a62dff341c24ffcb20e5ccbc7661daa28b

Contact CryptoNepal.Com at bitcointalk :;u=977316






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