LUNYR – Decentralized World Knowledge Base on Ethereum

Lunyr  is an Ethereum-based decentralized crowdsourced encyclopedia.

It is like wikipedia but unlike wikipedia which is just a plain site full of text, Lunyr will rewards its users who will contribute with contents.

How Lunyr will Reward their users ?

By lunyr tokens (LUN), LUN are used to place ads on the platform and  work as internal currency on the platform to reward users for peer review, and dispute and quality resolution.

Prediction of Lunyr possible market

Wikipedia today ranks as the sixth most visited site in the world which attracts 470 million unique visitors who view over 19 billion pages per month. If we make some estimation considering the above number of daily visitors we will get amazed to see the huge earning potential they are missing for many years.

This estimates can also be used to predict Lunyr’s future potential as decentralized wikipedia with quality content and continues updates from users due to incentive.

What is Lunyr‘s Vision?

They will initially focusing on testing the system to improve reliability, increase content, and grow userbase. Once there will be enough content on platform, they will attract a wider audience by encouraging contributions of near real-time data on world events and translations in multiple local languages. Finally, Lunyr intends to establish its brand globally as a reliable, accurate decentralized knowledge base which could be proved as more reliable than any other similar centralized knowledge base for example, wikipedia.

Furthermore, there will be lots of new developments in future like below;

  1. Lunyr API
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Virtual Reality
  4. Augmented Reality

Lunyr’s Roadmap

How you can get this LUN tokens ?

LUN will be initially distributed through crowdfunding and after crowdfunding will end, you can trade them in different trading platform with your Ethereum or with Bitcoin.

How all those Funds form Crowdfunding will be Utilized?

Some usefull links to know more about Lunyr

Website :

Whitepaper : Click here

Github :

Twitter :

Slack :

Reddit :

Blog :



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